Five-Gallon Bucket in Forest

Five-Gallon Bucket in Forest

  • This bag will always fit one more thing. In fact, the original prototype of this bag was patterned after a literal five-gallon bucket. So, load up your: Laptop. Extra sweater. Baguette. Wine. Backup wine. Wrench set. Jazz flute. One dozen tulips.

    Or just throw your essentials in and enjoy the sculptural curves that result from a bit of empty space. This bag has an open, unlined, suede interior and an exterior pocket for your phone, chapstick, and best magic trick.

  • Note: Each bag is made to order. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.

  • Also available in black and whiskey.

  • Dimensions: Body of bag is 14” tall with a 10.5” circular base. Straps are 13” from shoulder to top of bag body. Are you a short person? Get in touch about customizing the strap length to make this bag work for you!

  • About the leather: This bag is made from buttery and supple vegetable-tanned leather from Germany. While traditional vegetable-tanned leathers are somewhat stiff and need time to break in, this leather is soft and luscious from the start, thanks to an innovative environmentally friendly tanning process developed by the tannery, Ecopell. This leather has no wax- or petroleum-based top layer, which means that initially it absorbs water and oils. But fear not! Bags made from this leather develop a beautiful richness over time, and we recommend resisting the urge to treat it with any waterproofing sprays, as these will compromise the soft and natural quality of this exceptional leather. Request a sample.

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